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Elite Casting Agency is a casting agency exclusively casting actors for Netflix Original Productions.

All our services and fees are listed here in an open, clear and transparent manner.

*Please read the full information before sending your application. 

Netflix Originals

Netflix started out streaming content from a mix of studios , as its membership has grown it has started producing Netflix Original content. "Orange Is the New Black" was one of its early successes, followed by many others: Narcos, House of Cards, Daredevil, Jessica Jones, The Crown, Peakey Blinders, Stranger Things, Lost in Space, and many more.

5000 Actors wanted

Netflix have recently pledged over $8 Billion US Dollars to produce Netflix Original films and TV shows. Netflix is hiring over 5000 actors. British actors are particularly in demand. "The Crown" and "Peaky Blinders" both British inspired shows have enjoyed amazing success and offered British actors incredible opportunities. If want to be a successful and well paid actor now is the time to take action!

Fame & Wealth

A starring role in a Netflix Original series can be a life changing event for any actor. leading to instand fame, wealth and worldwide recognition. The opportunity to star in a Netflix Original is not to missed!

Actors Salaries - 2018


Most Netflix original TV Shows are produced for 2 years with an average of 12 episodes. Actors are contracted for 2 years and get paid a salary for every episode that is produced. If the show is a hit it will continue for further seasons.

Supporting Actor:       £60,000 p.a      | 2 year contract: £120,000.

Lead Actor:                    £240,000 p.a   | 2 year contract: £480,000.

  • These rates are for new actors. Successful or well know actors will command much higher salaries. 

FILMS: Salaries are negotiated at the start and paid as one fixed amount.

Supporting Actor:  £60,000.

Lead Actor:               £240,000.

  • These rates are for new actors. Successful or well know actors will command much higher salaries. 

Zero Commission - Agents Fee

"Zero Commission" on actors salaries. We do not charge agents fees on actors salaries:- What you get paid - you keep it all - the full 100%.

Dreamers and Time wasters

Originally we offered a FREE service to all actors; we were of course bombarded with applicants. Sadly, many turned out to be "Dreamers and time wasters". To filter out the dreamers we now charge a small "Service Fee".

Sincere and Committed Actors

Ever since we insisted on the service fee we have found we get excellent applicants who are sincere and committed actors; who are not only a pleasure to work with but are really nice people who are a pleasure to represent.

Service Fee 

We charge a modest service fee to cover our time and effort in representing  you. It also filters out "Dreamers & Timewasters".

Service Fees - 2018

Supporting Actors:       £195

Lead Actors:                   £295

We have in the past offered FREE castings; but due to "Timewasters" who book castings and do not show up we insist on a small booking fee for all castings to cover our time. Since we started the casting fee, everyone who books a casting always shows up.


Elite Casting Agency offer a "Peace of Mind- Guarantee" -  If we fail to find a suitable role for you we will REFUND your service fee in full.



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